Our Success Story


 In 1978, FERSAN was established with an investment for leaf brine and olive production.

 In 1982, Fersan soon became the only pickle supplier of McDonald's restaurants in Turkey with its pickled production facility.

 FERSAN, a partnership with DEVELEY Senf & Feinkost GmbH in 1994, adapted its German quality and meticulousness to its own flavors.

 In 1996, the wastewater treatment plant made an investment. In the following years, he started to produce turmeric automatic packaging, started to produce lemon juice, and started to produce cut packaged fresh vegetables for McDonald's restaurants in Turkey.  

 FERSAN has been a part of DEVELEY Senf & Feinkost GmbH in 2012 and with its strength, FERSAN continues to add value to your meals with different and innovative products besides traditional flavors.

 Since 1978, FERSAN which is the sector leader in the vinegar category with its unchanging quality and taste in its only factory in İzmir continues its activities to become a world brand with its quality, technological infrastructure, modern production understanding and wide range of products.